Gasses in the Body

Gas is made up of several different vapors:

Gas can cause pain and cramping in the abdomen as well as some noisy sound effects. If you feel you may be experiencing an abnormally high amount of gas, you may be interested in reading about excessive Gas. The types of gas that occur are:

Psychological Effects of Having Gas

Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are naturally occurring elements that are nearly impossible to not have in your system. Nitrogen is the element that makes up most of the air, so as we breathe and also ingest nitrogen as we eat, we need to have a way to get rid of the nitrogen that comes into our bodies. A reasonable amount of gas is expected and even necessary for our bodies. If we didn't pass gas we would just balloon. Psychologically, passing gas is embarrassing due to the awkward sounds that are produced and also the smells that often accompany the farts.

There are some people who are actually proud of the gas that their bodies can produce. Some people take the passing of gas wither through belching or farting as a manly occurrence and the louder the farts and burps the better. In any case, some amount of gas is normal as the body simply needs to get rid of the excess gas that comes into it.

Excess Gas in Poop

In cases of metabolic problems causing poor nutrient or fat absorption by the body, there are often too many undigested nutrients in the waste that the body is trying to remove by the time it gets to the colon. In such cases, the bacteria in the colon begin interacting with the undigested nutrients and fats. That interaction produces excess gas. This gas often results in exactly that: gas. Sometimes the gas gets mixed in with the stools. One way to be able to tell that there is extra gas inside the poop is by observing floating poop after defecation. Of course, there are many reasons why stools can float, so don't just assume all the time that if you see floating stools that that can be the only reason.

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