Green Poop

The color of poop can turn green due to a number of factors. If you have this happen to you. Do not panic right away. This page will go over a number of reasons why this may happen to you. The reason human feces are typically brown is the presence of Bilirubin. Bilirubin is a byproduct of metabolism of red blood cells. If the body does not metabolize enough red blood cells, waste may not have the regular brown poop color, and thus may take on a more greenish or sometimes yellow appearance.

Green Poop Diarrhea

Sometimes during bouts of diarrhea, stool can come out having green color. This is not necessarily dangerous as the green color may be due to undigested green foods. Most cases of diarrhea go away on their own. A more dangerous aspect of diarrhea is dehydration. Prolonged dehydration can cause further damage to our bodies, and in some cases can even cause death.

Green Poop From Food

Many foods can contribute to the green color of stools. Green-colored foods, which ironically are usually the healthiest, can often create the green color in the poop. possible such foods are leafy greens like broccoli, green peppers, lettuce, peas, spinach, and many others.

Foods high in iron can also cause green poop in your bowel movements because the body can not absorb the excess iron, and gets rid of it via bowel movements, giving the poop its green color. Make sure you are aware of your iron consumption levels. Excessive iron can even be toxic to our bodies so be careful. Iron Toxicity can be deadly.

Fast Digestion and Green Poop

If for one reason or another the food passes through the digestive tract faster than necessary for everything to be digested, the poop will enter your system having the green color that it has when it enters the intestines. This is worrisome because it is not the normal way the body should functioning. So in this case, the green poop is a result of the enzymes not breaking down the food.

Babies and Green Poop

Very young babies who have not began metabolizing enough red blood cells, do not produce enough Bilirubin in their waste. Bilirubin is the substance that gives stools their normal brown color. Without having metabolized enough red blood cells, poop will not be brown. This really scares new parents, but it is a very normal occurrence.

Disorders Causing Green Stools

Of course, green stools can occur from a number of disorders. It may be a symptom of some of the metabolic disorders that cause a decrease in red blood cell production or metabolism, which is why the body does not produce enough Bilirubin to have the stools turn brown. Some such possible causes can be irritable bowel syndrome, presence of various bacteria, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, food poisoning, medications or some laxatives.

If you suspect you may have a disorder, do not panic right away. A qualified health professional can make the right diagnosis. Most of the time the body can heal itself and your digestion will come back to normal within a few days. In case you experience chronic green stools, you should see a qualified healthcare professional who deals with digestive issues. They will help you make the right diagnosis and set you on the right path to curing the condition.

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