Toilet Poop

There are a number of benefits to monitoring your poop during bowel movements while you are still on the toilet. The colors of poop can be a sign of digestive problems or imbalances, and the poop shape can tell you about what happens to your food while it is being digested, and whether you are getting the right amount of fiber.

As a very general guide to what you should expect - look for the color of your feces to be brown, and the shape to be elongated. If your stool is not that shape, it may benefit you to figure out why. Since what is excreted as your feces, takes many body organs to produce, the health or sometimes lack of health of your stool can be indicative of the health, or lack of health, of some of your inner organs.

If you see unusual shapes, colors, or textures in your poop, do not be alarmed right away. There is a very wide array of reasons having to do with your diet, environment, activity levels, and much more, that can temporarily alter your stools. Also, keep in mind that everyone is different, and if you have been having certain type of feces for a long time, that may actually be normal for your body.

If you begin to experience an unusual poop color, texture, size, or shape, and this does not go away on its own, you should pay closer attention to what happens to your digestion and stools moving forward. Also, be mindful of accompanying symptoms such as dizziness, loss of energy, bloating, pain in any areas of your body, etc. If you experience a combination of these symptoms, you may be well-advised to seek diagnosis by a healthcare professional to understand the underlying cause of these new symptoms and take proper action in order to cure it if that is possible.

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