Ascending Colon

Ascending Colon - on the right side of the abdomen, about 25cm (10 inches) long, part of the colon from the cecum to the turn of the colon by the liver.

As the soon-to-be stools travel through the Digestive System, after the Appendix the future poop gets to the ascending colon which is one of the first parts of the entire colon. The entire colon consists of these organs:

Monitoring Defecation

Problems with the appendix as well as the rest of the digestive system and at times the overall body, can often be noticed early through symptoms present in stool and urine. Monitor your defecation for signs of abnormality like strange colors, blood, constipation or frequent loose stools. The colon is especially prone to certain health problems like cancer and men over 40 years old are recommended to work closely with their healthcare professionals in early problem diagnosis and proper treatment in case any problems occur.

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