Hematin is a type of a hydroxide chemical that belongs to the family of heme. Hematin stimulates the synthesis of globin and prevents porphyrin synthesis. Hematin is also a component of cytochromes and peroxidases.

Sometimes black stool called Melena occurs when the poop with blood stays in the body long enough for the bacteria in the colon to break it down into chemicals (hematin) that are black. Hematin is a dark substance that ranges in color from blue to blackish-brown. Its compound is formed in the oxidation of hemoglobin.

Hematin as a Supplement

Since Hematin is an important metabolic compound, it can be purchased and consumed as a vitamin. We do not sell anything through our site, but many health stores in your area may have such vitamins for sale. You can take them if you feel you are not digesting certain foods as well as you should be, and you feel hematin should help. In general, you should first consult with your doctor or physician before taking any supplements to boost your metabolism since there may be nothing wrong with your metabolism in the first place.

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