Sigmoid Colon

Sigmoid Colon - Part of the large intestine after which the feces goes to the rectum and anus, and follows the Descending colon. It is approximately around the pelvic area within the body.

Because the Sigmoid colon is so close to the rectum and the anus, it is reasonably easy for doctors to notice colon polyps during a rectal exam if polyps are present.

The Sigmoid Colon is the number four in the diagram below

Sigmoid Colon

Parts of the Colon

Here are all the parts of the colon:

It is advised that people keep an eye on their stools during defecation. Poop can show early signs of problems. Signs like unusual colors, shapes, or consistency can all be indicative or imbalances that may be going on in the body. Hard stools may indicate that you need to drink more water. Soft stools may indicate bacterial infections or bowel irritations. Blood in stool may be a sign of bleeding somewhere along the digestive tract or other organs in the body. Being aware of the possible symptoms can help you know when to seek medical attention.

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