Colon (Colonic) Polyps

Colon (Colonic) Polyps - raised or flat growths on the surface of the colon (large intestine). Some colon polyps are benign (not cancer), but some colon polyps may already be cancerous or become cancer in the future. Flat polyps can be smaller and more likely to be cancer than raised polyps. Polyps can usually be removed during a colonoscopy.

Colon (Colonic) Polyps Symptoms

Most people with colon polyps do not have symptoms and don't know they have it until the doctor finds. When symptoms do show up, they are typically:

Colon (Colonic) Polyps Cause

Colon (Colonic) Polyps Treatment

Doctor can perform one or more tests to check for colon polyps:

To prevent colon (colonic) polyps, stick to a healthier diet low in fats and heavy meats, don't smoke, drink too much alcohol and maintain a healthy body weight. Eating more calcium may also lower your risk of getting polyps. Some foods that are rich in calcium are milk, cheese, yogurt, and broccoli. Taking a low dose of aspirin every day might help prevent polyps.

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