Meckel Diverticulum

Meckel Diverticulum is characterized by a small bulge or a pouch in the small intestine present at birth. The diverticulum may contain tissue from the stomach or pancreas that was present during the baby's development and was not fully reabsorbed before birth. As many as 2% of the population have a Meckel's diverticulum, but only a few people develop symptoms that cause discomfort and prompt attempts at diagnosis.

Meckel Diverticulum symptoms can appear at any time of life, and are typically abdominal pain and discomfort, and sometimes blood appearing in poop (hematochezia). Severe symptoms may be intestinal hemmoraging that results of a very scary amount of stool blood. Conditions like intussusception or peritonitis can occur if the Meckel Diverticulum symptoms are not treated. The good news is that surgery and removal of the Meckel Diverticulum can usually lead to complete recovery.

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