Portal Hypertension

Portal Hypertension - an increase in the pressure within a certain important vain that carries blood from digestive organs to the liver. That vein is called the "portal vein." This causes the body to create other veins to act as re-routers of the blood from the organs to the liver since the original vein is blocked. Portal hypertension is the process of the original vein becoming blocked and the forming of new problematic veins that can become fragile and can bleed easily, resulting in bloody stool and other digestive problems.

Portal Hypertension Causes

The most common cause of portal hypertension is cirrhosis (scarred liver). The scar tissue forms during the healing after an injury. In the case of portal hypertension from scarred liver, it is from an liver injury caused by alcohol abuse, possible diseases, or any other liver damage causes. The scar tissue blocks the flow of blood through the liver and causes other veins to form or become overused. Portal hypertension caused by thrombosis (clotting in the portal vein).

Portal Hypertension Symptoms

Portal Hypertension symptoms are not always noticeable until some liver damage or vein damage has occurred, in case of a spontaneous rupture and hemorrhage of weak veins, with symptoms ranging to

If you feel you may be at risk of portal hypertension of are experiencing bloody stools during various patterns, there is a number of tests to diagnose this weak vein problems with portal hypertension tests:

Portal Hypertension Treatment

Portal hypertension treatment is prescribed based on the severity of the symptoms and the condition of the patient. there are a number of remedies one can try at home.

Portal Hypertension Diet

Dietary and lifestyle changes are the first treatment to portal hypertension because if the patient can adhere to the new diet, medical involvement can be prevented. Portal hypertension diet is common sense

Portal Hypertension Medications

Portal Hypertension Radiology and Surgery

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