Cat Poop

Many people wonder why cats like to go to the bathroom in a litter box. The answer is simple. Cats are clean animals and are genetically aware of the dangers of leaving their feces in open spaces. The litter box gives cats the opportunity to easily cover up their poop and urine with sand, stoping foul smells and creating the effect of burying the poop. If the cat is resisting using the kitty litter, it may be because the surrounding space is not clean. Just like people don't like to use dirty bathrooms, cats don't like too poop in dirty places either.

Best Way to Dispose of Cat Poop

Do not try to put cat poop into the compost bin because the bacteria from the feces will contaminate the compost and the environment it is placed into. A good way of disposing the cat poop if you can, to scoop out the droppings and flush them down the toilet. If you can not do that, wrap it tightly in a plastic bag, and putting the bag in the trash if your city allows that. The plastic bag will contain the waste in the event of a trash spill or landfill leak. Also remember not to leave the kitty litter unemptied for too long. The urine and poop have harmful bacteria which can cause people to get infected and sick. The cat puts her paws in the litter box and then runs all over the house, spreading the contents of the litter which contained poop and urine.

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